Cindy Margolis to Star in Reality Dating Show

Let's see: The economy is in the crapper. Reality TV numbers are way down. I can find 18,000 vaginas with the mere click of a mouse. But what Americans are really going to care about is Cindy Margolis, the most-downloaded woman on the Internet in 1999? Like, back when you used to have to download photos from the Internet. Remember those days? No, me neither.

The newly separated 43-year-old former internet pin-up is in the process of creating a reality dating show for herself. And it looks just awful.

Casting Producers are looking for men from 19 to 49 years old who are up for the battle to win the affection of Playboy Playmate Cindy Margolis in the new dating show, "Sex and the Cindy!"

They are seeking all single men with strong, magnetic personalities to star in this new celebrity dating show. They will consider all types (singles, friends, siblings and father/sons). If you think you have the personality, charm and looks to win Cindy over then they want to hear from you now!

If you would like to date "The Most Downloaded Woman on the Internet," Cindy Margolis, supermodel and Playboy Playmate, and are ready to fight to the finish for her attention this is your chance.

You can be:

- 19 to 29 and have a sick body

- a playboy in your 30's

- suave and handsome and in your 40's

- or over 70 and just want one last date

OMG, who the heck says "sick body"? Probably men between 19-29 who have one. And what's up with courting the old dudes? Like, "come touch Cindy Margolis's boobs before you die." Classy.

Anyway, if you absolutely must apply to be a part of this madness, more info is here.

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