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As I walked into the room to interview Nikki Reed she mentioned that Michael Angarano, boyfriend of Kristen Stewart, had just left.

Laremy Legel: Was that the beau of Ms. Kristen Stewart?

Nikki Reed: Yeah, but we're trying to start a rumor that Michael is in-between the two of us.

LL: I'm sure I can get that rumor going. Done and done. But that actually brings me to my first question, if you are Kristen are such good friends, how did you find the hostility that Rosalie has for Bella?

NR: I think we just do it with a grain of salt. We laugh at the end of every scene. Now that her and I are like really close it's going to be really funny to do two more. How am I not going to break character? But in a lot of ways as serious as Twilight become, we did do a lot of homework just trying to understand the characters. I did want to play something other than the bitchy girl. I wanted Rosalie to have a reason for acting the way she did.

Thankfully it's in the book, just not in the first book. So I got a chance to understand Rosalie. So as serious as we took the process it wasn't a difficult set to be on. It was young, and fun, and we laughed a lot. It's going to be really fun when we go back and I'm doing the scenes with Kristen where I hate her.

LL: I feel like in the first book especially both you and Rob's characters are held up to be the absolute embodiment of beauty. How do they pitch that to you? I mean, does someone just come up and say "Well, you need to be the most beautiful person EVER."?

Nikki ReedNR: I always feel like I answer this the wrong way. I'm not that, I don't know if anybody is. I can tell you people I find beautiful. I don't know really how to deal with it. It was really hard for me in the beginning. Really tempting to read blogs and the mail from the Twilight kids. Now I am Rosalie but there was a time when I was still Nikki and people still had the option of criticizing that. Just because I don't look like her in my other films doesn't mean I don't get it.

There's a lot of pressure. It's very odd. When it comes to beauty, when it comes to perfection ... nobody is ever going to be the definitive, beautiful queen. It's an impossible task. That was the most difficult part for me when I was approaching the part. You have to let that go. There's a lot of little girls out there happy to say Rob is the most beautiful guy in the world, but there aren't 650 boys out there behind the ropes screaming for me.

LL: I feel like I would never read the blogs if I were you guys. Only because I don't know how I could deal with so many people hating how I looked or what I was about.

NR: Yeah, that one little voice could be anyone but it doesn't matter, it's just as loud. They can hurt just as many people. One of the concepts that's been difficult for me to wrap my head around is that being a part of this film is the first time I've felt old. It's the first time I've realized there is a generation below me. I'm not part of the MySpace / Facebook generation. I had dial-up internet when I was twelve. Maybe if you wanted to be really risque you'd go into a chat room and pretend to be 16. It didn't really go that far.

And now it seems like younger people have the power to say things, but they're faceless and nameless. I would highly recommend to all actors not to read everything. Holly Hunter once said to me "You don't want to know the good or the bad because none of it's real."

Nikki ReedLL: It just seems like a lot of pressure on you guys.

NR: If only I was playing a character that wasn't the most beautiful person in the world. It's really embarrassing. Because sometimes I want to stand up and say "Guys, I know I'm not. I know! I'm so sorry!" But there's also this really funny misconception about me because I've worked with Catherine Hardwicke three times. There's this idea that she's my stepmother. But I have a mother and a stepmother who has had a really difficult time with that.

Some of the fans have this idea that because I'm playing Rosalie they're stuck on Catherine as my "stepmom" which she's never been. She's never been any kind of mother figure, she doesn't just snap her fingers and put me in a movie. The person who approached her for Dogtown, their reference point was Thirteen, and I was the star of that so they said "That girl could be good for this." Then Summit knows about Thirteen and Lords of Dogtown and thinks "Oh, maybe Nikki could play Rosalie, or Victoria, or Alice."

But I do appreciate the amount of people that love this movie and the books. We can sit around all day and say it's scary but it's things like this that give us the opportunity and exposure. I'm grateful and appreciative.

LL: I've heard that everyone is signed for three, but there are four books now. So is the fourth one just going to be a huge payday for everyone? I mean, it's not like they are going to stop at three if all do well.

NR: I plead the fifth on that. I don't really know how they're gonna do that. I don't want to start a silly rumor but if I had four books ... (laughs)

LL: So, what are your thoughts on the soundtrack?

NR: I was a really big advocate to get something from Rob on. I have a big musical connection with Rob. Just for the sake of it I'm not going to say where he plays, but they are just little shows and he plays for us. He's amazing. Jackson Rathbone is amazing as well. I play a little guitar, but I'm not as good as Rob is.

LL: What sort of music do you listen to?

NR: Rob and I went to see Kings of Leon and they were really good. He's gotten me interested in that whole world, Van Morrison too. I went and saw The Raconteurs with him as well. Oh, and Aretha Franklin! I like a lot of old Bluesy singers.

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