Poll: Who Will Win Dancing with the Stars? Vote Now!

So Brooke Burke scored three perfect 10s on part one of the Dancing with the Stars finale -- yawn! How very predictable of her. Brooke is lovely and graceful, to be sure, but fans of the show know that personality counts. (How else do you explain the longevity of the kooky but clumsy Cloris Leachman?)

Lance Bass, emboldened by his success last week, took a risk in the freestyle dance by going hip-hop with saucy partner Lacey Schwimmer. Hey, it worked for Julianne Hough and Apolo Anton Ohno a couple seasons ago. Can't go wrong with Run DMC, right? Who knew that stuffy Len Goodman was a fan of "Tricky"?

The lovable Warren Sapp had a strong showing, scoring a 10 from Len (my, he was in a good mood last night!) for his "entertaining" freestyle to the tune of "Proud Mary." The aluminum foil-inspired vest, however, I could have done without.

Samantha Harris would encourage you to call in your votes, but why do that when you can vote right here? You've seen the final dances, so tell us: Who will win Dancing with the Stars?

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