New Moon: If Hardwicke is Replaced, Who Should Direct?

My two main issues with the Twilight movie were pacing and tone. Unfortunately, both of those issues have to be laid at the feet of Catherine Hardwicke. But before we start let me first state that Ms. Hardwicke is absolutely delightful in person, and I've liked previous films of hers. I'm just reading tea leaves here, as I think Summit will take a look at the critical reviews for Twilight and bring in someone else for New Moon. I'm also thinking that someone will be a woman, as they've made a concerted effort (rightfully so) to involve women in Bella and Edward's tale.

Thus, if Catherine is to be replaced here are my top five picks, in order:
(Note: I'm leaving a 15% chance that Catherine is signed for New Moon.)

Saving Face5. The Wildcard: Alice Wu

I know, I know, you've never heard of Alice Wu. Probably no one reading this has. But in 2004 she directed a little film called Saving Face, a film entirely about relationships between women and their families. She hit a delicate balance throughout, which is exactly the vibe New Moon needs.

Odds: less than 1%

Valerie Faris4. The Artist: Valerie Faris

She's got the same musical ear as Hardwicke as she's directed Smashing Pumpkins and Red Hot Chili Peppers music videos. She also directed a little film called Little Miss Sunshine. The only rub? She's part of a team: her husband Jonathan Dayton co-directs with her. Why would that be a bad thing, though? The film is all about a powerful relationship. Why not have one in the directors' chairs too?

Odds: 25%

Sarah Polley3. The Youngster: Sarah Polley

She doesn't hit 30 until January. But it's a young cast; she'd fit right in. Plus, she directed the Oscar-nominated Away From Her. She'd be a huge risk, but as a working actor she'd have no trouble pulling out the performances she wanted.

Odds: 20%

Julie Delpy2. The Contender: Julie Delpy

She wrote and directed 2 Days in Paris, a fantastic and romantic movie. She's an actress like Kristen, and a writer like Stephenie and Melissa. Like Whitney Houston said, "She's every woman, it's all in her." Do I even need to mention she's French? That would help for the European portion of New Moon, oui? Odds: 30%

Sofia Coppola1. The Long Shot: Sofia Coppola

If Summit signed Sofia freaking Coppola that would certainly make the news. She's made three films of merit: The Virgin Suicides (also an adaptation), Lost in Translation, and Marie Antoinette. Her visual eye is unparalleled, and she's genius at beautiful, though subtle, emotional scenes. If money were no object, and I could get anyone, she would be my first call. She'd lend instant credibility to the project and the conversation would switch from New Moon as a teen sensation. Oscar would be in play, and that's a very scary thing given the box office Summit is already banking on. The Twilight series could morph into something else entirely with a little new direction: a commercial and critical success.

Odds: 10%

Any other directors you'd like to see on this list?

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