Ashley Greene on Twilight

The first thing I noticed when I walked in the room was Ashley Greene's copy of Breaking Dawn on the table. We started there ...

Laremy Legel: Are you reading that now?

Ashley Greene: I am. It's different, but I still think it's interesting. It's a little less of the love story.

LL: I think Alice is the best character to play in Twilight because you don't have the weight and responsibility of the love angle, but you do have a cool power. Do you feel that way too?

AG: That's what people keep saying! "Your character is the coolest!" And I'm always like, "Well, I think so, because I'm playing it" [laughs]. But she already has her soul mate, so she's out of the game. And this is my breakout role, and it's such a great role to breakout with. She's this little cute quirky character that comes from a dark background. She's a really loving, caring, optimistic vampire. Which is so bizarre. She's never eaten a person, she's just really good-hearted. Loves her family, can see the future, really quick and very elegant. So I'm thrilled to be playing her.

LL: One of the scenes that was different in the book is the way Bella escapes from you at the hotel. Did you ever think, "Oh, Alice totally would have known about this!"

AG: What we kind of had to come down to was just that we [Jasper and Alice] were so preoccupied with other things. With other visions. I know that Bella was trying to act at the last minute so Alice didn't know. That's one of the things that's tough about turning a book into a film. You don't have to explain as much in the book. But I think she was so preoccupied with what James is doing, trying to predict his every move. So I don't think she was really concentrating on Bella.

That's another character choice we made. Unless it's something huge and epic Alice has learned how to control certain things. Otherwise she would have these visions all the time. I think that was the other thing we kind of threw into it.

LL: It seems like you've gotten the least negative reaction of anyone cast ...

AG: Yeah, I do consider myself lucky. I think part of it is that Alice is such a lovable character, maybe some of that was passed onto me. They were very nice and delicate with the responses. Even the negative responses weren't like, "We hate her!" they were more like, "Oh, she's too tall" or "Her hair is too long." It wasn't like, "She's awful, she could never play Alice!" So I am very thankful. It's rough, and some of the people weren't so lucky. There was this backlash. It's good though, because after they transformed us it got more positive. I saw the people transform because I saw them in our first weeks of rehearsal. Everybody takes to their character pretty well.

LL: I hold the view that nothing in the world communicates as quickly as a teen girl. Are you guys are being exposed to something new here, given the demographics of your audience?

Harry PotterAG: Yeah, someone asked me if I was ever that passionate with anything. But I'm 21 so think I missed Harry Potter, I'm maybe a little too old. And I'm too young for The Beatles. Maybe 'N Sync and Backstreet Boys? A lot of bands and musicians see the kind of response we've gotten for this. But to have teen girls love me as a female, obviously they are going to love the guys. Who wouldn't?

LL: So when you read Breaking Dawn do you picture Alice as yourself?

AG: It's interesting because I read the first three before filming it. I've been reading it and my mind starts reeling about how I would portray it. It's nice though, because they did such a fantastic job of transforming me. People see me now and they don't recognize me. They aren't like, "Oh, you're Alice!" The hair makes such a huge difference. When I'm reading I do see myself as Alice in the character, but not actually me, personally.

Robert PattinsonLL: So how beautiful would you say Robert Pattinson is?

AG: Obviously he's great looking guy. But when I see him on screen he's gorgeous. He had to be! He had a lot of pressure; Rob is supposed to be this guy that everyone is in love with. And everyone has their different versions of what's attractive and what's not, but he did a pretty good job.

LL: I think Alice is the glue that holds this whole story together, as you're a Cullen but you also really love Bella. Is that how you see it? Edward clearly is sort of an outsider to his family at points.

AG: I love Edward to death, and I want to see him happy, so I want to be Bella's friend. The rest of my family knows I know what's going to happen so they're quicker to trust me too. Alice is very rational, where Edward is in love. I think the Cullens do get it though, because he's never acted this way. That's the battle, that she's a human, but Alice has a soul mate, and Emmet has a soul mate, and Carlisle has a soul mate, while Edward's alone. So I think it was cool as a character to bring everyone together.

Ashley GreeneLL: Where do you find the confidence to play Alice? I mean she's this crazy attractive vampire who reads minds. Not exactly average stuff ...

AG: Going through hair and makeup doesn't hurt. Having someone say they're going to make you look as good as possible doesn't hurt. And having someone dress you doesn't hurt. Plus having the wires, that movie magic we rely on. I didn't really think about it that way though. The character Alice doesn't look at things and say, "I'm better, I'm superior." She's just happy to be there, happy to be alive. So I focused more on that.

LL: At what point in the line were you cast?

AG: I was after Bella and Edward I think. I'm not sure about the others. I know Kellan was one of the last ones cast, and Taylor. Somewhere in the middle. After Kristen though, because I met her when I was auditioning. I think Kristen and I are lucky in that we have extremely different personalities but we get along. She's the youngest, except for Taylor, but she has a lot more under her belt. And she's very mature and down to earth. So it was really nice working with her.

LL: Do you guys have a schedule yet for sequels? Or does it still depend on how you open?

AG: I've heard January, February, March, because that's what everyone wants. But I have yet to have something saying, "you're going to work." I know it's being written, so that's good. I think they're getting ready to because it's getting such a good response and the album is doing well. I think the second and third book get more and more expensive. So you know, it just depends.

LL: But you're ready to go if they call?

AG: Oh, absolutely.

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