The Fraggle Rock Compete Series Contest

Update: This contest is now closed. Winner will be emailed shortly!

Programming note: The Fraggle Rock contest ends on Wednesday, November 12th at noon PST. So get your entry in. Here's an exclusive behind the scenes clip if you need a little motivation:

Fraggle Rock

Once again, here's the information:

It's time for one of the biggest giveaways has ever done ... Fraggle Rock! And not just a season or two -- the entire series of Fraggle Rock. That's 20 discs worth of Fraggle Rock. That's over 2800 minutes worth of Fraggle. You know you want that. Everyone does.

So how can you win? Easy. Find my email address (hint: click on my name at the top). Next, email me your favorite Fraggle and why you chose that Fraggle. Make your subject line "GIVE ME FRAGGLE!" That's it. If you win I'll mail you the box set and you'll dance around with glee. You might even knock over a Doozer or two.

Easy, right? So let's do this. Email away. You might just find Fraggle in your mailbox.

Fraggle Rock

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