Music on Life: Donal Logue as Music Supervisor

Fresh from Friday night purgatory, the oddball procedural drama Life tried out their new time slot last night, and while Damian Lewis is still electric in the role of Detective Charlie Crews, the series still hasn't shown the magic that it ended with last season. Lewis might very well be the only thing keeping the series from being just another procedural drama -- well, Lewis and the often-inspired music choices.

Normally, this would be the point where I'd dissect the lyrics or history of a song and relate it to the scene, but this week, a far more interesting connection is to actor Donal Logue, who was brought on this season to play the new boss, Captain Tidwell. I'm not sure if it's in his contract, but in this episode he also seemed to be playing music supervisor as well.

A few weeks ago I pointed out that his character Tidwell gave a shout out to '90s act The Afghan Whigs, who were fronted by Donal Logue's good friend Greg Dulli. Well, this week, they take the connection even further, placing two songs in the episode from Dulli's latest project, The Gutter Twins (with Mark Lanegan). I figured it was only a matter of time until we heard Dulli's voice this season, so when "I Was in Love With You" and "God's Children" played with their respective scenes, I had to smile and tip my hat to Logue.

Playlist: Life - Episode 2.07

1. "I Was in Love With You" - The Gutter Twins

2. "Where U At?!?" - Von Iva

2. "God's Children" - The Gutter Twins

3. "Let Somebody In" - The Magic Numbers

Of course, Dulli's no stranger to getting placement on his drinking buddies' shows, with Denis Leary's Rescue Me being a fine example. Even though Leary and Dulli have shared drinks, they don't go back nearly as far as Logue and Dulli do, as evidenced in this great footage of them co-hosting MTV's 120 Minutes back in 1994:

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