Big Hitter: Kung Fu Panda, Australia's Changed Ending, and Twilight Takes over My Life

What I'm Seeing This Week
This week there's an astounding lack of screenings. I'm interviewing Danny Boyle. And I just got done interviewing Taylor Lautner, Rachelle Lefevre, and Edi Gathegi (Jacob, Victoria, and Laurent from Twilight, respectively). But as for actual screenings I'm only seeing Quantum of Solace again. Next week has seven screenings; this week has none. Welcome to the wacky world of film criticism.

What I Saw Last Week
I only caught Slumdog Millionaire. Marley and Me was scheduled for the time when I was on a plane to Los Angeles to cover the Twilight junket. If you're starting to do the math, yes, my life has been dominated by that Summit vampire film the past week.

Angelina Jolie Kung Fu Panda DVD ReleasePress Releases of Note
They sent me this picture of Angelina Jolie and a giant panda for the DVD release of Kung Fu Panda I thought it was a solid movie, and this is a good image. So they make the cut! Special congrats to Mac McLean, I know he's been dying to get a mention from It's the achievement of a lifetime. I couldn't be happier for him.

This Week's Podcast Topics

1. Natalie and Garrett are forced to ask me all about the Twilight junket

2. Is Captain America the movie doomed, simply doomed?

3. Will the economy make crowds skip gloomy Oscar fare?

4. Ranking the Bonds, James Bonds

5. MGM and the YouTube Movies Development

Today's Movie Stories on the Internets
Baz Luhrmann is being forced to change the ending to Australia? That entire film now looks to be a disaster. Sad times.

Best Non-Movie Story of the Week Not by Me
A fascinating read on the current conservative party; it's 14 parts so far. The most interesting thing is the varying viewpoints under the same ideology. What it should prove to everyone is that a group is only as good as the service it provides: the moment you don't hold value for your membership is the moment the fragmenting occurs. The conservative party was never an army, it was a group of like-minded people. And today, after Obama's win, the group doesn't seem so like-minded after all.

Deep Thought of the Week
Why can't you say "an unicorn"? Or "an unique experience"? The English language is hard!

Early Box Office Take
Gotta like Bond this weekend. It should only take $35m or so to win it. Casino Royale opened at $41 million, though interestingly it never won a weekend (it was beaten by Happy Feet three weekends in a row). I'd like Quantum of Solace to do even better because it's shorter and is coming off the momentum of the first Daniel Craig effort.

Videos For You
Kill Bill, then Spoon. Warning: as per usual we've got violence and a smidge of drug references (just to mix things up).