Big Hitter: A Charlie Kaufman Interview and the Real Reason Terrence Howard is Off Iron Man

What I'm Seeing This Week
It's a slow week because no publicist in their right mind would schedule anything for Tuesday. Milk, which I was supposed to see prior, is now officially back on. Slumdog Millionaire is the other film on my docket since Danny Boyle is coming to visit (me). Then it's off to the Twilight junket on Friday. Wheeeeeee!

What I Saw Last Week
I caught that Quantum of Solace film. You might have heard of it. Everyone is releasing their reviews early but I'm hesitant to do so because you don't want to get banned by the studios or their henchman. But I'll just mention that I liked it better than Casino Royale. That is all for now.

Press Releases of Note
We're going to be running a Sukiyaki Western Django metal book DVD contest just as soon as I get my act together. The Twilight Contest is going swell, though now I have to comb through mounds of emails. I suppose I brought it upon myself.

Today's Movie Stories on the Internets
How about that Terrence Howard story on why he was really replaced for Iron Man II? It keeps getting juicer. I'm guessing by next week we'll learn he occasionally practiced ritual sacrifice.

Iron ManThis Week's Podcast Topics

1. Did Zack and Miri do poorly because of the word "porn"?

2. Terrence Howard Made More Money Than Downey Jr. on Iron Man!?

3. Joaquin Quits the Movie Business - Top Three / Bottom Three

4. Valkyrie Thoughts

5. The Networks We Watch for Political News

Best Non-Movie Story of the Week Not by Me
The Election has taken over. Check back next week for this popular feature.

Deep Thought of the Week
My friend and I were talking last night about how CNN and SNL might need to shut down after the election. In SNLs case writing political satire is easy, at least comparatively to writing non-political skits. I can think of three topics right now. Watch and learn:

1. A Crazy Lou Dobbs attacks the mailman.

2. Obama asks for money even after he's elected.

3. A political operative wearing "bad idea jeans" (though in fairness that's a play off an already existing SNL skit.)

For CNN the issue is that they've reported around the clock on the election for 20 months. Once you turn that spigot off what becomes of them?

Early Box Office Take
You gotta like Madagascar 2. You gotta. There are parents who need a break, and DreamWorks is gonna give it to 'em. Easy.

Videos For You
In honor of RocknRolla I say we crib from the RocknRolla sountrack with a little Clash.

I'll get you out of here with my Charlie Kaufman interview. He's the director of Synecdoche, NY and the writer of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Adaptation. You can listen to the audio interview by merely clicking below. That's so little to ask!

Charlie Kaufman Audio Interview