SNL's Seth Meyers Talks Politics on The View

SNL head writer Seth Meyers hit the couch on The View this morning, two days after his show skewered the ladies in a sketch Saturday night. Awkward!

Though ill-timed, the appearance served its purpose: Meyers shared behind-the-scenes moments from this political season on SNL and plugged tonight's SNL Presidential Bash special on NBC.

Barbara Walters ribbed Meyers for not including her in The View sketch, then asked about SNL's effect on the election.

"I think we have less effect than people say," Meyers responded. "I like when they say it. because it makes us feel like big shots. ... I don't actually think people go into the voting booth and go, 'What would the Saturday Night Live writers do?'"

Later, someone asked how they got Sarah Palin to "raise the roof" in her SNL appearance. Meyers' response: "As with most women, when I raise the roof, they follow."

Now why can't a funny guy like that make the rest of SNL funny?