Amazing Race Recap: Hello, Delhi!

Last night's Race was a doozie! Not only did we learn of Starr and Dallas's lovey-dovey intentions for each other, my favorite dysfunctional couple, Ken and Tina, came in last! And Ken cried. Oh my. Things are getting good now, folks.

The teams departed from Cambodia for Delhi, India for this sixth leg of the race, but before their flights left, we caught a glimpse of Dallas and Starr's flirty-flirty routine, and Dallas's chagrin at Mom looking over his shoulder. "She's the worst wingman ever," he said. Truer words were never said. (Sorry Mom.)

The teams arrived on the same flight into Delhi and were immediately charged with painting a rickshaw green to signify their newly acquired environmental friendliness. Nick and Starr (who are actually kinda growing on me now) raced through the Roadblock and headed for the Ambassador Hotel, where they encountered a unique set of options for their Detour: "Launder Money" or "Launder Clothes."

The former involved creating a traditional wedding necklace using India's currency (the rupee) or ironing and folding 20 pieces of clothing. Both seemed doable, and most teams opted for the latter (anything that seems too simple in this game is usually the big pain-in-the-ass option).

I'd have to say the highlight of this ep's detour was watching Frat Boys Andrew and Dad attempt to iron and fold clothing. Really guys? You've never done this before? That's just sad. And I blame your moms for not grounding you more as kids.

Nick and Starr sailed through the laundering challenge (those smart kids used their gloves to help them with the fire-hazard irons they had to use) and arrived first at the next Pitstop, which was held at the Baha'i House, national headquarters for that faith in India. As much as I hate to say it, I think these kids could take home the whole Samosa.

Everyone else tricked in soon after and, if it weren't for Ken and Tina's wretched luck with cab drivers this ep, they would surely have beat the Frat Boys (who frankly deserve to go home at this point). Phil grimly greeted Ken and Tina with the news that they were the last to arrive. But I knew it didn't seem right: They weren't eliminated!

Though they will encounter a Speed Bump on the next leg, Ken and Tina are still in the race and, for some reason, this fills me with intense joy. And seeing Ken cry about it, well, makes this show seem, I dunno, almost meaningful. Almost.