The Twilight Contest


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Update: Contest is now closed. Winner to be announced soon.

Wanna win all of the following items?

Twilight Illustrated Movie Companion Book

Twilight Paperback

Full Size One-Sheet Poster

Movie Soundtrack (Which we talked about here)

Comic-Con Limited Edition Set of Four Trading Cards

Update -- item added from L.A. junket:
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart autographed press notes!
(warning: they traveled around with me all day, so I don't think you can sell them on Ebay or anything).

Your task is simple. Find my email address by clicking on my name at the top of the article. Then email me a paragraph on why Edward will always be a better choice for Bella than Jacob (note: if you don't believe this you can try to convince me to join Team Jacob - but your task will be mighty).

I'll pick the best paragraph and run it on the site. Then I'll mail you your items. Then we'll start talking about New Moon (starting production in January?) and Robert Pattinson in Little Ashes.

Good luck Twi-Hards. Update: Contest closes on Monday, November 17th at midnight PST!!

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