Amazing Race Recap: India, The Sequel!

The gang gave Delhi another whirl last night. This is the second time in one season that they've stuck around the same country twice ... interesting. I found their Indian antics to be quite pleasing and especially mock-worthy.

The initial challenge was a total nightmare: The group traveled to a park in the center of town to participate in the annual Holi Festival where they would need to recover their next clue -- via a Roadblock -- amidst a series of unmarked clues hanging from a wire. Simple enough, right? Well, sure, if the Festival weren't like some of kind of demented hand-to-hand paintball competition. Revelers pelleted each player with paint balls, giving little care to where on players' bodies the colorful stuff landed (nose, mouth, possibly other orifices).

Starr kept her cool and she and Nick were off like lightening. Kelly and Christie? Not so much. Kelly ("They're spraying in my mouth!") made about four attempts before she snagged the clue, giving their "don't mess with Texas" mantra that much less gravitas. Meanwhile Terrence assumed the role of Paint Boy, but not before exchanging sweet nothings with his girl:

Terrence: "Who's my girl?"

Sarah: "You are! I mean, I am!"

Not surprisingly, the gang had a tough time getting cabs (few drivers wanted living, breathing, dripping tie-dye fabric in their backseats), but soon were off to collect their next clue at the Charity Birds Hospital. A quick scouring of pigeon cages landed them details for their next Detour: "Bleary Eyed" or "Teary Eyed."

For the former, teams had to follow a single power line through town and write down the tagged numbers that appeared along the way. Simple enough if your vision and intellect are intact. For the latter, teams would carry two, 40-pound bags of chilies to a spice master and then have to grind them up to his specifications, trying not to cry like babies from the stinging smell.

Only Terrence and Sarah chose the spice route while all the others went for the power-line challenge. In a rare act of solidarity, Nick and Starr partnered with Toni and Dallas and cruised through the challenge (each team knew they were ahead of the pack, so why not?)

Meanwhile, Ken and Tina were already out of the loop while attending to their mandatory Detour. They had to serve holy water to patrons at a local temple, then they returned to tackle the Detour. Amazingly, despite their penalty, they finished the "Bleary Eyed" challenge BEFORE Christy/Kelly and Andrew/Dan, even though both teams arrived well before them.

Hating to see the kids waste any more time, Tina told them the number tags they were writing down were, in fact, totally wrong and set them straight. "You owe us!" said Tina to Dan, and I have a feeling she will be coming back at some point to claim this favor.

Nick and Starr were the first to arrive at this leg's Pit Stop, Humayun's Tomb, followed very closely by Mom and Son, Dallas and Toni. Ken and Tina motored in soon after to Phil's amazement. But more fun to watch than this was the greeter for this Pit Stop -- a cute Indian man who was watering the grass between his "Welcome to India" greetings. Adorable!

This means it was neck-in-neck between Divorcées Kelly and Christy and Frat Boys, Andrew and Dan. Part of me wanted the girls to win as they had suffered quite a bit on this leg, but no such luck. They were last to arrive, making them the latest team to be eliminated and giving false hope to Andrew and Dan that they still have a chance to win this thing.