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Sometimes I feel the need to post about Chuck just to reinforce its status as a show that folks should be watching. Take this week's episode ("Chuck vs the Ex"), which isn't anything special, but will stand as one of the most entertaining hours of television this week. (Perhaps that says more about television programming right now than it does about Chuck.)

This week Chuck encounters Jill, the girl who dumped him for Bryce. We first meet her in a flashback set to the sounds of Iggy Pop's "Pumpin' Jill," an unlikely song to hear blasted from a beer pong competition outside a sorority. As we flash forward, we find it's part of a Jill '03 mix that Chuck is wallowing in still, a reminder that he's not over her some five years later. Of course, instead of dwelling on that, I wondered what else might be on that mix. Perhaps "Ask For Jill" from The dB's, or maybe Dr. Frank (of the Mr. T Experience) with the simply named "Jill"? Not that the mix would only have Jill songs, but you'd assume that since Iggy's is there, perhaps there are more. Since Jordanna Brewster (as Jill) is supposed to have a three-episode arc, there's a good chance we might hear more Jill songs, so as a mostly pointless exercise, here are my top five:

Playlist: Top 5 Songs Featuring Jill

1. "Ask For Jill" - The dB's

2. "The Best Of Jill Hives" - Guided By Voices

3. "Jill" - Dr. Frank

4. "Pumpin' For Jill" - Iggy Pop

5. "Everybody Loves Jill" - Cowboy Mouth

As far as the non-Jill songs this week, the charming folk pop of The Accidental's "Time & Space" is the only other noteworthy track, mostly for its repetition of cliches like "to your own self be true" and "you are part of everything." Sure, it speaks to Chuck exhibiting some independence from Sarah, but it's further proof of the lack of quality cultural references this week. Ok, naming Jill's boss Guy Lafleur is another nice, subtle refence to the '80s, a favorite pastime of the show. Don't get me wrong, it was a funny episode, there's just not a lot to write about (so I'll stop).

Playlist: Chuck - Episode 2.06

1. "Pumping for Jill" - Iggy Pop

2. "Papa Loves Mambo" - Perry Como

3. "It Makes My Heart Break (Acoustic Version)" - Your Vegas

4. "Time and Space" - The Accidental

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