Big Hitter: DVDs, Oscars, and RocknRolla!

DVD That Might Interest You
It's a little rough on the DVD front this week. Journey to the Center of the Earth is fine, but probably not for those without little ones. I wouldn't see Kit Kittredge unless I lost a bet. They keep sending me press releases on Tinker Bell (on Amazon) so I'll throw them a link. If you're the Blu-ray sort I'd take a hard look at Elf. You could replay the Zooey scenes in glorious high definition.Oscar Thought of the Day
I'm obligated to break down the Best Actor category. Here goes.

Brad Pitt, Curious Case of Benjamin Button -- Mortal Lock

Sean Penn, Milk -- Mortal Lock

Frank Langella, Frost/Nixon -- Probable

Will Smith, Seven Pounds -- Maybe

Wildcard Spot: Clint Eastwood, Gran TorinoSnubbed:

Leo DiCaprio, Revolutionary Road
Martin Sheen, Frost/Nixon
Richard Jenkins, The Visitor
Mickey Rourke, The WrestlerSequel Rumor of the Day
I'm sure it's been mentioned but at the end credits of RocknRolla indicate that there will be a second one. And as I was walking out of the theater my friend mentioned Guy Ritchie said it could be a trilogy.Hairspray 2 might not feature John Travolta.What I Watched Last Night Besides a Movie
I watched Chuck, the latest in my monosyllabic NBC comedy crushes (used to be Ed). The show isn't great, but I like that Chuck fellow, Zachary Levi, and I want to support Josh Schwartz in the fading hopes that we'll one day get an O.C. reunion show where they kill Marissa all over again.Deep Thought of the Day
I've decided that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen needs to end with Sam's (Shia LaBeouf's) death. Every worthwhile sequel has to have a little sacrifice, and nothing would blindside the crowd more than Witwicky taking a bullet. All of a sudden the franchise would mean something again, right? Be a buddy Michael Bay! Take Witwicky out!Videos For You

Proof that great films are all about sacrifice (the Elves sacrificing immortality!!):

And finally, "Golden Years" from David Bowie and Knight's Tale: