Bravo Casting For New Project Runway Knockoff

Designer knockoffs are apparently all the rage at Bravo. The network is casting for a new series that sounds suspiciously like Project Runway, which is headed to Lifetime for its sixth season. Sour grapes much?

The new show has a working title of Fashion House and is currently soliciting applications from "talented designers to take part in a fashion competition series," according to Bravo's Web site. It's unclear whether they're also seeking a German spokesmodel, top American fashion designer, and impeccably dressed silver fox with extensive vocabulary to join the cast. Tryouts begin next Sunday.

Meantime, the fate of the original Project Runway remains in limbo. NBC Universal, which has successfully -- if temporarily -- blocked the sale of Project Runway to Lifetime, is expected to meet the Weinstein Company, which owns Runway, in court next month.