Big Hitter: Punisher, Boondock Saints, Synecdoche, Sequels, and an Early Box Office Take

What I'm Seeing This Week
RocknRolla -- Excited for this one. I hear it's a return to Snatch and Lock, Stock for England's newest bachelor.
Role Models -- The trailer actually looks decent. The guy from Clueless is always solid.
Quantum of Solace -- Have you heard about this one? Evidently it's the new James Bond film. I know, right? Where did that one come from?What I Saw Last Week
I caught Changeling... but I'll withhold judgment. Synechdoche, NY was amazing, though it's been getting brutal reviews. We're running our own B+ review from Cole Haddon on Wednesday. I really liked the film but I'm not sure I want to see it again or fully understood what was going on.It was sort of like high school in that respect.1800 TequilaPress Releases of Note
They sent the Big (Grande) Hitter a link to the new Rob Zombie track from Punisher: War Zone. Enjoy. I'm also officially headed to the Twilight junket next weekend. They've made it clear that I'm sworn to secrecy though. Sorry!Lastly, are you in the market for a custom designed bottle of Tequila? Or perhaps you'd like to enter a contest to be a featured artist? Look no further!

This Week's Podcast Topics
1. 2009's Diggable Movies
2. Daniel Craig's Top Three / Bottom Three
3. 30 Rock hits Hulu a week early.
4. The state of horror
5. The presidential endorsement*Today's Movie Stories on the Internets
Boondock Saints 2 is filming, says the Geeks of Doom.
MTV says the Hulk producers want Norton back for the sequel to the reboot.Best Non-Movie Story of the Week Not by Me
Actually, it is by me. I'm taking you back 20 months to the start of the 2007 season of American Idol. I did a live diary. And it was fun. You'll enjoy it.Deep Thought of the Week
Today I called the fine folks at Talking Rain - Sparkling Water (800-734-0748) to tell them their product was delicious. And it is. I've drank a can of Lemon-Lime Sparkling Water almost every day for nearly three years and never come away disappointed. So my charge to you today, reading public, is to find your favorite product and give them a call to thank them. I'm sure they get terrible complaints all day, why not throw a little gratitude in there too?Early Box Office Take
High School Musical 3: Senior Year will drop anywhere from 55% to 67%. My reasoning is simple: tweens don't wait to see films. They are the "now" generation. That means that a film only needs to make $22m or so to win the weekend. Zack and Miri, your table is waiting! This could not have played out better for our friend Kevin Smith. He's never had a film open higher than 3rd... but this is his weekend. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.Videos For You
I say we take this home with a little Michael Cera from Superbad. Warning, language, adult themes, general malaise.*no, not really