Dancing With the Stars' Julianne Hough May Have Ovarian Cyst

The Dancing with the Stars curse continues! TMZ is reporting that professional-dancer-turned-country-crooner Julianne Hough will have surgery to remove an ovarian cyst.Meantime, E! reports that Hough will merely have her appendix out tomorrow, but will dance tonight. Who you gonna believe?Hough, 20, went to the hospital following a live show last week with abdominal pains. At the time, her rep said Hough had been experiencing increasing stomach pains during the day, in which Hough performed an energetic jutterbug with partner Cody Linley.It's unclear whether Hough, who previously won DWTS twice, will remain on the show this season. In the meantime, Cody Linley will be paired with another dancer until Hough decides whether she feels well enough to return.