Terminator Salvation, the Return of Buck Rogers, and Spoilers Galore

Here's this week's look at the latest big news in comic book and science fiction movies. And be warned: the last item is the Watchmen spoiler, and it's a big one; don't scroll down if you don't want it.

Frank Miller to Make Buck Rogers! (Maybe)

IGN says that Frank Miller of Sin City and The Spirit is just about to announce that he'll be directing a remake of the '80s sci-fi TV series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, which brought Gil Gerard and his tight white pants to the world. That version was based on the old comic strip, but word on the street is that the film version will play off the camp value of the show.

Verdict: As long as Erin Gray is there, I'm in. Biddy biddy biddy.

McG Blogs Terminator Salvation

On the official movie blog, director McG recently posted that principal photography has wrapped, and it's time for editing and effects. Just like The Terminator pushed the envelope of animatronics and T2 created the liquid metal effect, he's going for something genre-changing with Salvation -- he just won't tell us what.

Verdict: McG's got big shoes to fill, and Charlie's Angels wasn't exactly an effects extravaganza. I'd like this to be good, but the jury's definitely out.

Finally, a Flash Trailer! Woops, It's Fake

/film followed up on a trailer for The Flash posted to YouTube that was supposedly played at a super-secret Watchmen screening in Portland, Oregon. Problem is, there was no trailer before the screening, and no footage for The Flash has been shot.

Verdict: Actually, I probably would have fallen for this too. It really feels like a bootleg. Question: why do people make fake trailers? Seriously, take up knitting or something, at least at the end of that you have a sweater.

Ender's Game Finally Coming to the Big Screen?

Collider.com reports that Orson Scott Card is adapting his Nebula-winning classic sci-fi novel Ender's Game into a screenplay, working with Spirit producer Deborah Del Prete (h/t Cinema Blend). There's no director, no casting, and still no screenplay, but this could be huge news. Of course, it could also be awful, just the latest in a long line of classic books turned into trash.

Verdict: It's way too early to tell, but I'm cautiously optimistic, only because Scott Card is doing the script himself. Sure, he might just be cashing in like Flock of Seagulls on a reunion tour, but I'll give him a chance.

Dr. Strange Movie for 2012?

Marvel Studios' President of Production of recently told MTV News that he "would not be shocked" to see Dr. Strange, the superhero magician, on the slate of movies to come out in 2012 or 2013. Fine, that's not exactly a save-the-date announcement, but he's a great character, and would be a nice departure from the current crop of hands-on ass-kickers. Here's the really tasty news: Neil Gaiman, the comics master behind Sandman, and Guillermo del Toro, the director of Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth, have talked about working on the adaptation together.

Verdict: This would be amazing. But del Toro's booked up through 2089, so my bet is this dream team is one we'll never get to see. Hm, maybe I should make a fake trailer for it...


Watchmen Ending WILL NOT Follow Alan Moore's Original Storyline

At that secret Portland screening, the audience was surprised to find that at least one thing was totally different from the source. The comic series ends with Ozymandias detonating a giant squid in New York City and slaughtering the city's population to scare the world into uniting against an imaginary alien invasion. In the film, Ozymandias builds a machine that mimics Doctor Manhattan's powers, then uses it to destroy a handful of cities and frame Manhattan for the crime. Everyone in the audience had signed non-disclosure agreements, but a few logged onto IMDB to post what they'd seen; the webmasters kept deleting the posts, but the industrious folks at Comic Book Movie cut-and-pasted a few before the censors got to them (h/t Cinema Blend).

Verdict: My feeling is that anything that messes with the plotline is a mistake, even though the squid was never my favorite part, and the alternate ending sounds pretty interesting. But at least some people have brought up the possibility that it's a fake, just done to stir up the dorkosphere so they'll love it even more when it comes out in all its squidful glory. On this one element, I could live with a change. Just please let it not suck.