Big Hitter: Updated Best Picture Thoughts, a Twilight Contest, and a Marketing Idea for TiVo!

DVD That Might Interest You
Gotta go with The Incredible Hulk. I reviewed the DVD for all the fans out there. Casino Royale also dropped on Blu-Ray, but I wasn't lucky enough to grab that one. Curses.Oscar Thought of the Day
For some inexplicable reason The Soloist has been pushed back to March - ending all Oscar hopes. This happened around 48 hours after I put it on my "potential Best Picture" radar. So where does that leave us? Behold, a NEW Best Picture list:


Seven Pounds

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The Dark Knight

Revolutionary RoadThere. Fixed. Next week I'll take a shot at Best Actor.Press Releases of Note
Just found out we're working with Summit on a Twilight contest for next week. Solid. I know for sure it will at least include the soundtrack plus the illustrated movie companion book. I'm sure we can throw a few other things we have around the office too, I've got a set of the Twilight trading cards given away at Comic-Con that I'm sure some Twi-Hard would love. I'm also going to be interviewing this Cam Gigandet fellow - I'll be taking your questions for him of course.Next up, the fine folks at AMC have cooked up a Saw Marathon. $15 bucks this Thursday for all five films. Check here for local listings.

Sequel Rumor of the Day
Sadly, I have no rumors or innuendo to report at this time.Today's Movie Stories on the Internets
It's a slow news day (see the above part about "no rumors or innuendo to report"). So I'd like to direct you to the ultimate in fun time wasters - my Live Oscar Diaries. Here's the versions from 2008, 2007, and 2006. I read them again today and enjoyed them. You might too! Who doesn't want to re-live all those Oscary moments you've repressed?What I Watched Last Night Besides a Movie
Monday's Colbert Report. I'm always one day behind because I don't stay up that late. And Colbert is always one day behind because he records his show during the day. So combined we're two days behind. Still, he makes me laugh. I even bought one of them $10 "Wrist Strong" bracelets. I'm hoping when the revolution comes I won't be the first one up against the wall.Deep Thought of the Day
You've heard of the U2 Ipod, right? Well what about the Crime TiVo? It would come with fake blood caked on and it would record crime programs exclusively. The Mentalist, CSI, CSI Miami, CSI NY, Cold Case, Law and Order, The Shield, The Closer, Monk, Criminal Minds, SVU, and reruns of NYPD Blue. You would watch hundreds of hours of these shows and then turn yourself into a criminal mastermind. Or a forensic specialist. Whichever you prefer, really.*I'm not counting Dexter because that's just a good show. Your Crime TiVo wouldn't record that one.Videos For You
We put together a training video for all new employees. I thought it might be a fun inside look at how we do business and what we expect of our tireless workers. Enjoy!For the record, the green mechanical lion is kind of a loner.