Dancing with the Stars Shocker: Toni Braxton Eliminated

Toni Braxton needs someone to unbreak her heart! The R&B singer was a surprise elimination last night on Dancing with the Stars, which is becoming an overblown fluff-machine to rival American Idol. In related news, next week's results show will be a four hours long. Or it will feel that way, at least.Speaking of, what was the point of the hour-long Dancing with the Stars "special" that aired right before the results show? Did we really need to see reruns of the dances we saw the night before? Has ABC never heard of YouTube?So Toni and partner Alec Mazo are out, while 82-year-old cut-up Cloris Leachman remains. If the outmatched Leachman doesn't get booted next week, I'm going to boycott.