If We Can't Have the Arrested Development Movie, We'll Take Mike Judge's Extract

With the on-again, off-again Arrested Development feature in limbo, I think (Jeffrey Tambor seems to think it's on, Michael Cera seems to think it's off), what's a fan to do? Enter Mike Judge. He may be best known for Beavis and Butt-Head and King of the Hill (is that still on?), but Office Space, the 1999 film he wrote, directed, and briefly costarred in, was a lost gem.

The story of disgruntled cubicle workers who are a little too successful at ripping off the bosses, it featured Ron Livingston in his first lead role and a woops! she's already gone appearance from Jennifer Aniston. It only made $10 million at the box office, barely enough to cover its costs, but became a cult favorite on DVD, and lines like "my oh face," "pieces of flair," and even "TPS reports" have wormed their way into everyday language.

So now Judge is going back to the office with Extract, a comedy he's writing and directing about the owner of a food-flavoring factory grappling with slack-off employees, a con man, a cheating wife, a gigolo, and a guy who loses a testicle in an industrial accident. Sound kind of like an episode of Arrested Development? Goooood.

Jason Bateman stars as Joel Reynolds, the factory owner, with SNL's Kristen Wiig as his wife and 90210's Dustin Milligan as the gigolo Reynolds hires to sleep with her. Also on board are J.K. Simmons, the Law and Order stalwart who costarred with Bateman and Cera in Juno as Juno's dad; Ben Affleck, set to play Reynolds's best friend; and Mila Kunis, as the kleptomaniac object of Reynolds's desire. (Downside: Gene Simmons is in it. Please world, if we ignore this guy he'll go away. As the law of the internets says, don't feed the troll.)

Judge told MTV he'd like to bring back Office Space alums Gary Cole and Stephen Root, who was hilarious as Milton, the basement-dwelling arsonist. (He also said that Bateman hadn't carried a movie yet. Hello? Teen Wolf Too?)

Judge's last film, Idiocracy, was buried by the studios and barely limped into theaters, so let's hope Extract gets better treatment. And don't get me wrong, I'm as hungry for an Arrested Development movie as anyone else is. I just hope they get around to it before Michael Cera is forty.