Is Emma Watson Harvard-Bound?

Looks like someone's hoping to pull a Natalie Portman.

Harry Potter starlet Emma Watson was spotted touring the Harvard campus for most of the day on Tuesday and causing quite a stir among the students.

She was sighted at approximately 10:30 yesterday morning at Quincy House by Chase Russell '11 and Brian P. Hill '11.

According to Russell, Watson was with two escorts -- one of whom was a Harvard affiliate -- and was looking to see a dorm room in New Quincy, passing on the chance to see his Old Quincy room.

Russell, who had a brief chat with Watson, said she seemed "nice" and "very American."

Hill said he nearly collided with one of Watson's escorts while leaving the House, before unthinkingly saying he was on his way to class. Watson then went to visit the room of the next student she approached, much to Hill's chagrin.

"I actually called my mom; I was so distraught," he said. "It was all I could think about for the entire morning."

Describing a British actress as "nice" and "very American?" Calling your mom because you may have inadvertently discouraged Hermione from seeing your dorm room?

If this is the kind of brilliance Harvard's accepting these days, I'd truly hate to see what my alma mater of Arizona State is allowing to seep through its doors. They're probably just allowing the students' STDs to take the admissions tests at this point. Because I've come across some strains of gonorrhea that could probably do better on the quantitative portion than my sophomore-year roommate.

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