Big Hitter: Bond on Blu-Ray Giveaway, Box Office Musings, and Fun with Viral Video

Want to Win Bond on Blu-Ray?
Last week I was asked if wanted to give away Blu-Ray copies of The James Bond Collection (Amazon link). The titles involved? Dr. No, Die Another Day, Live and Let Die, For Your Eyes Only, From Russia with Love, and Thunderball. What do you have to do to win? Email me who you think did Bond best, and why. I'll let you know if you've won and mail out your Blu-Ray collection.What I'm Seeing This Week
Oscar hopeful Milk is later this afternoon, and Changeling is this evening. I may skip Tuesday's Pride and Glory because we have a review coming from Eric D. Wednesday is either High School Musical 3 or Zack and Miri Make a Porno.What I Saw Last Week
I reviewed W. and Max Payne. Missed Madagascar 2 and What Just Happened, but we're running a review for What Just Happened tomorrow morning. Exciting times.Press Releases of Note
Hmmm, let's see here -- Disney announced a Pinocchio 70th Anniversary Edition, set to release on DVD and Blu-Ray March 10th. I've also been instructed to direct you towards a documentary called Dear Zachary, opening on October 31st. Our own Eric D. praised it. Here's the official website.This Week's Podcast Topics
1. Star Trek -- The Spock/Sylar Conundrum and Shatner thoughts
2. The MPAA and online marketing materials
3. Films We've Fallen Asleep In
4. Gossip Round-Up
5. Top Three/Bottom Three: Edward NortonToday's Movie Stories on the Internets
I give credit to this guy for the headline. And is Watchmen getting a new ending?Best Non-Movie Story of the Week Not by Me
Definitely Slate's three-part "Why We're so Quick to Anger" article. Thoughtful, well researched, interesting. There's some election context in there, but the crux of the article is psycho-sociology ... if that's a word.Deep Thought of the Week
Why do they show the Dow Jones Industrial Average live on the morning news these days? What are we supposed to do with that information? Just for fun occasionally I try to make the number go up using only the power of my mind. You can do it too, just stare at the TV and focus really hard. Wait until it goes up, nod with satisfaction, and then call yourself an economic savior.Early Box Office Take
High School Musical 3 has 600 more theaters right now than Saw V. But Saw IV opened at $31m in 2007 so it's got to win this weekend with near $30m, doesn't it? Putting a number on High School Musical 3 is tough because the first two weren't released in theaters, but I'm putting demand at 20% less than the Hannah Montana film, meaning $25m. Pride and Glory will be somewhere in the teens.Videos For You
Two FunnyorDie entries for you. First off, Rashida Jones (from The Office) and Natalie Portman on a fix for our economy.And finally a very solid comedic 80's flashback:See you tomorrow friends!