Report: Maya Rudolph To Play Michelle Obama on SNL

It's turning into a reunion at Saturday Night Live! After Will Ferrell's surprise appearance Thursday as President Bush, TMZ is reporting that Maya Rudolph will show up Saturday to play Michelle Obama.She's also expected to reunite with

Amy Poehler

to reprise their popular "Bronx Beat" skit, per TMZ.Rudolph, whose recurring SNL impersonations included Donatella Versace, Oprah Winfrey and Condoleezza Rice, left SNL in November 2007 after eight seasons. During that time, she played characters of all ethnicities, including Barbra Streisand, Lucy Liu, Diana Ross and Jennifer Lopez.Meantime, Tina Fey is reportedly not expected to appear on this weekend's show. Which may be just as well. Everyone appears to be suffering from election fatigue, including viewers: Ratings for Thursday's final SNL primetime special were down to 8.5 million. Last weekend's SNL, by comparison, scored almost 15 million viewers -- all the more impressive considering the late hour.