Lindsay Lohan Causes Drama On The Set Of Ugly Betty

Breaking news! Lindsay Lohan behaving badly!

Looks like LiLo has taken a break from domestic bliss with girlfriend Samantha Ronson to stir up trouble at Ugly Betty. The New York Post is reporting that the tabloid-friendly actress has been axed from the popular ABC show after causing friction with Ugly Betty herself, America Ferrera.

Sources on set complain that Lohan chain-smoked, trashed her dressing room and traveled with an entourage. Here's the best part: She reportedly was obsessed with cutting pictures of herself from the tabloids. I really want Linds to star in a remake of Valley of The Dolls. She would barely have to act to play Neely O'Hara. Am I right?

Lohan had a recurring guest role on Ugly Betty as Betty's high school nemesis. She was originally signed on for six episodes -- one of which airs tonight -- but has reportedly been cut down to four.

But who's the real Mean Girl here? In more salacious on-set news, Lohan reportedly was furious after Ferrera pantsed her in one scene. Although the script called for it, a "Lohan pal" tells the Post that she wasn't expecting it because it was a rehearsal. Lohan was either wearing a G-string or going commando, depending on whose version of events you believe.

I can't help but remember Ferrera rolling her eyes at co-star Blake Lively during a live TV interview when the pair were promoting Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I think it's possible she's a meanie.

At any rate, since Shannen Doherty was unexpectedly -- and disappointingly -- well-behaved during her guest stint on 90210, I guess Lohan's antics will have to suffice.

For the record, Lohan's rep says the actress "had a lovely time."