We Break Down MTV's The City Trailer Starring Whitney Port

The Whitney Port Hills spinoff is officially happening! You wouldn't think Whit would be interesting enough to carry her own show, but the trailer makes The City look like Sex and the City meets The Hills. The glamorous new cast -- i.e. Manhattanites paid by MTV to be Whitney's friends -- make Lauren Conrad & Co. look like frumpy beach bums. Some other thoughts:

--OMG, why is Jamie Lynn Sigler from The Sopranos slumming it on The City? Oh wait, that's socialite Olivia Palermo. I swear, they could be twins.

--Where's Super Intern Emily from The Hills? Is she still at Teen Vogue in New York? I want to see her join Whitney's new posse, because as Heidi would say, "They have fashion in common." Not to mention tallness and skinniness.

--Is The City going to be the next 90210? And by that I mean: Eating disorders much? Super Intern Emily would fit right in.

--Whitney has a love life! Who knew? I thought she only lived vicariously through Lauren after watching The Hills. Given Whitney's apparent tendency toward scruffy bad boys, I'm surprised she never hooked up with Justin Bobby.

--Is it weird that Whitney is getting love advice from Kelly Cutrone now? Since when did they get so chummy? I guess since Whitney moved on to work at Diane von Furstenberg, Kelly gets to stop playing the Mean Boss character. I'm sure her new title card will read, "Kelly Cutrone, Whitney's friend."

--Why did I mistake Olivia for Jamie Lynn Sigler? It's clear she's trying very hard to be Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. I already kind of hate her.