Win Boston Legal: Season Four In Our DVD Giveaway Challenge!

It's time for another TV Addict DVD Giveaway Challenge! Boston Legal just can't stop winning Emmys, so we're giving away Boston Legal: Season Four on DVD on the eve of Emmys weekend.

So light up a cigar, pour yourself a stiff drink and ponder the reasons that you deserve to spend some time in the company of those wacky lawyers at Crane Poole & Schmidt. You just might wind up with the whole gang crammed into your mailbox.

The five-disc DVD set includes all 20 episodes from the fourth season along with a behind-the-scenes featurette: "The New Kids on the Courtroom Floor." In season four, Denny Crane & Co. took on social issues such as the death penalty, gays in the military, euthanasia, mortgage foreclosures, going green, racism, obesity and animal rights -- all with a healthy dose of David E. Kelley's trademark irreverence and intensity.

To enter to win, just tell us in the comments section why you're a fan of the show. Then e-mail us at with your mailing address. You can't win if we can't find you!

DVD Giveaway ends Sept. 30.