90210: Dylan Is Kelly's Baby Daddy

90210 producers threw a curveball at fans last night, revealing Dylan McKay to be the father of Kelly Taylor's son after hinting in a previous episode that it was Brandon Walsh. Why else would Brenda be baby-sitting for the kid, right? Somehow, I think she would be less charitable toward a child fathered by the guy who dumped her for Kelly back in 1993. Just saying.

In any case, it's Brenda who breaks the big news to viewers as she and Kelly argue in a parking lot: "You're never going to be happy with somebody else because you're still in love with Dylan!" Thanks, Shannen Doherty, your work here is done.

So does this mean Luke Perry will be reprising his role as Dylan on the new 90210? Jennie Garth hinted as much in an interview with People magazine: "A lot of it has to do with availability -- where, when they would need them. It was never like, we definitely want to make it Dylan because of X,Y and Z. ... I didn’t even know for the first three or four episodes who the father was. And then I read it in the script, and I was like, 'Oh, okay. I guess Dylan’s the dad. Great.'"

Perry is on the record saying that guesting on 90210 is not something he sees happening, but rumor has it he is "in talks" with producers, who are reportedly gunning for a Kelly-Brenda-Dylan love triangle. (Again.) Yes! Let's bring back Donna Martin and get rid of these pesky young things who are too skinny and too young to remember the original series. Who's with me?