Movie of the Week: Wool 100%

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Wool 100%, about two dear old ladies whose peaceful, small-town routine is interrupted by the sudden arrival of a mysterious interloper.

Wool 100% (2006)

Director & Writer: Mai Tominaga

Starring: Kyoko Kishida, Kazuko Yoshiyuki, Ayu Kitaura, Tiara, Carolina Kaneda, Eiko Koiki

Country Of Origin: Japan

Genre: Fantasy

Runtime: 100m


Once upon a time, there were two dear old ladies who inhabited an enormous old house on the outskirts of a small town. Their lives tended toward tranquility and solitude, their days absorbed by a rather curious pastime--poking around in the neighborhood trash for items with which to decorate their abode. One day, their peace is punctured by the sudden arrival of a mysterious interloper into their little world. A young girl, by no means the talkative type, settles into their home, and into a habitual activity even more odd than their own. Her fingers are ceaselessly at work, knitting a red sweater which will promptly be unraveled the moment it's done and knitted again--and again. She does far more than simply upend the comfortable routine of the elderly sisters. Her mere presence allows the old girls to reconsider the way of living they've chosen, and bring out into the light memories long under lock and key. The doors to the past will be thrown open to reveal the secrets that still live there.

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