TV Addict: Top Ten Brenda Walsh Moments on Beverly Hills, 90210

The 90210 spinoff premieres this week on The CW, which is significant only in that it marks the return of Shannen Doherty to the zipcode that made her famous. (Or infamous. Whatever.)

Let's be honest, no one cares about the new class of West Beverly. We just want to see another Brenda-Kelly catfight! In honor of this momentous occasion, I present the Top 10 Brenda Moments on the original Beverly Hills, 90210:

10. Brenda loses her virginity at the Spring Dance. ("Do you know why I'm so lucky? How many girls get to have sex for the first time with someone they love?") Two episodes later, a pregnancy scare prompts Brenda to break things off with Dylan. Not to worry, they're just getting started.

9. Brenda runs off to Mexico for a romantic weekend with Dylan after being forbidden to do so by her father. Kelly and Brandon cover for her by telling Cindy Walsh that Brenda is at the flea market, in the shower, and picking up Thai food. How could this possibly go wrong? Of course, she gets caught at the Mexican border without proper ID and Jim Walsh has to come pick her up. Busted!

8. Brenda pretends to be French when her parents send her to Paris for the summer to keep her away from Dylan. She meets a handsome American student who is improbably fooled by her terrible accent ("I just talk like zees, and he sinks I am frohm Pah-ree"). Upon returning to Beverly Hills, she runs into "Reeck" (Rick) in a video store and goes on a date with him...and comes face to face with Dylan and Kelly. The Brenda-Dylan-Kelly love triangle officially begins.

7. Brenda insists she's not a smoker after picking up the habit in Paris. When she inadvertently spills secrets about her friends to a sleazy tabloid TV show, everyone turns on her and she really needs a cigarette. Brandon, typically, saves the day: "It seems to me if you can get through this without having a cigarette, you can probably get through anything." There was probably some sort of PSA that ran after this episode that warned about the evils of nicotine.

6. Brenda hates Dylan and Kelly after they confess to having an affair ("I hate you both. Never talk to me again!"). When Dylan chooses to date Kelly, Brenda torches her old pictures of Dylan, has fantasies about chopping off Kelly's hair and wears a lot of flannel. Her misery has a soundtrack: R.E.M.'s "Losing My Religion" becomes the breakup anthem for a generation.

5. Brenda applies to the University of Minnesota, upsetting her family and friends. She drops out of college shortly after realizing that it's cold in Minnesota and all the classes she wants are full. Upon returning to Beverly Hills, she tells Jim and Cindy she's "not meant for college" and spends her days hanging at the Peach Pit and going fishing with Dylan. The girl is just not happy unless she's causing drama.

4. Brenda elopes to Vegas with her fiance, the wealthy but morally questionable Stuart Carson. Fortunately, she tells Brandon about her plans and he mobilizes the gang to head to Vegas and throw her a bachelorette party -- with some fancy reverse psychology thrown in. (Kelly: "The last wedding I went to was Mel and Jackie's...but I'm sure yours will turn out better than that.") Brenda and Stuart make it all the way to the Silver Bell Wedding Chapel before calling the whole thing off -- moments before Jim and Cindy Walsh show up in a panic.

3. Brenda is arrested after breaking into a research lab at California University and freeing the animals. ("Animal rights now! Animal rights now!") This moment was probably foreshadowed by years of Brenda bringing home animals and inviting homeless Santa Clauses to dinner at the Walsh house.

2. Brenda lands the lead role of Maggie the Cat in the school play amid rumors she slept with renowned director/womanizer Roy Randolph. She also manages to get into a feud with Kelly along the way after Kelly shows promise as an actress and is encouraged to audition for the lead role against Brenda. Whoever wrote this episode is apparently a big fan of the old Bette Davis film, All About Eve.

1. Brenda moves to London to study theater; Aaron Spelling breathes a sigh of relief. Fourteen years later: Brenda's back!