CBS Partners With CNET To Outwit Survivor Viewers

CBS announced today that it will offer a sneak peek of the opening moments of Survivor: Gabon one week early via streaming video at CNET (

Which begs the question, who wants to see the first 3 1/2 minutes of Survivor? What happens in the first few minutes of an hour-long show? Nothing.

It's all a big promotion for CNET's new HD-video player, and already it's working because here I am writing about it. Conveniently, Survivor: Gabon is the first season that the long-running reality series will be broadcast in HD. So you'd better run out and buy a CNET HD-video player to enjoy it. Is anyone falling for this? Anyone?

I'm not entirely convinced Survivor in HD is a good thing. CBS claims this will enhance the "magnificent African landscape and fascinating wildlife," but I'm thinking we'll just be looking at people's dry skin and every rib poking out of a starving castaway's body. No, thanks.