Big Brother 10: After 71 Days

Dan, the Catholic school teacher, is the winner of Big Brother 10!

What a perfect ending to a perfect season! I actually had my favorite from early on win and I'm still in shock over it. I mean, actually I'm not but really I am. Oh, you know what I mean.

I say it for every Big Brother season finale but I really wish it could have been two hours long. There's just so much to show. I would really love it if they showed some of the hilarious and drama-filled footage to everybody so we could see their reaction rather than waiting to hear about it later in interviews or wrap party videos. Perhaps some day.

So how about the finale tonight? The jury questioning that they showed was rather brutal -- especially Michelle's. She got to drop two bombshells. First, she outed Dan's luxury trip with her to Memphis and then she outed hers and Memphis' alliance to Dan. I may not like her that much but that's what I love to see in the jury questioning. None of that congratulations and you played a good game and why do you deserve to win crap.

I'm still reeling from April voting for Dan to win. I know. They edit them to make us second guess how they'll be voting but I seriously didn't expect April to vote for Dan to win. I thought Ollie would but not April. Libra voting for Dan to win didn't surprise me at all and neither did Renny or Keesha. I could have seen Jerry's vote going either way since he figured out after he was evicted that the two renegades were working together.

But hey, some of Memphis' responses to their questions were pretty lame. And Memphis saying that he tried to be an asset to the jurors' game while they were in the house didn't help either. Libra was right on that one exclaiming that he'd never won anything to really be an asset. She's right. It was Dan working to make himself an asset to everybody's game. Whose vote did they jockey for each week in the beginning? Yep, that would be Dan.

I giggled when Dan almost went into football coach speech mode for his final words to the jury. He's a good speaker though and knows what to say to massage people's egos. No matter how you feel about Dan, take a look around you at the most successful people you personally know and chances are they're good at schmoozing people. You know what I'm talking about don't you?

There were no punches pulled on Jerry when he entered the jury house. Renny acted like she would get up at any moment and slap the old man. Kudos to Jerry for staying rather calm while Renny was confirming her loose cannon personality. Did any of you happen to recognize that black pleather outfit that April had on for that occasion? The only thing she was missing was the whip. Ollie was probably sitting on it handle inserted. Meow.

As usual, most everybody looked really great for the finale. Too bad Jerry couldn't have persuaded somebody to get him a new outfit. And what was up with Keesha wearing jeans? Perhaps she was afraid of spilling her alcoholic beverages on one of her good outfits later. Which undoubtedly would be happening right about NOW. Michelle looked really great in her dress tonight as did Libra. Ollie would have looked better if he'd taken off that stupid backwards baseball cap. I can't imagine April told him to wear it because we all know she doesn't like hats. *rimshot*

For any of you that complain about Brian taking up so much time with his long spiel about what he saw in the house after was evicted, suck it. So what if Angie didn't get a chance to speak. She's used to being a piece of furniture and we all know that an armchair has no tongue. Could Renny's speech when she was casting her vote be any longer? I kept expecting Julie to jump in and tell her to vote already. And she finished it off by yelling? Eeeks!

After 71 days, 27 competitions, and 11 evictions, Dan is the winner by a vote of 7-0. Congratulations Dan! And congratulations go out to Keesha as well for winning America's Favorite Juror. Her boyfriend will appreciate the money I'm sure. I would also like to congratulate everybody at CBS for doing such a fantastic job with casting this season. It was really great and I hope we can expect more huge personalities next season.

Both Dan and Memphis will be on House Calls tomorrow so be sure to tune in at 3:00 PM ET if you can. If you'll be working like myself, I'll post up the episode later this week for you to enjoy. Also, keep an eye out here over the next two or three weeks. There will be a ton of interviews with everybody coming out soon as well as news, video, and pictures from the always fabulous wrap party. Oh, and there's this roast that many of you have planned for me this week as well. I'm sure that will be fun!

So what did you think about the finale tonight? Were you happy that Dan won? Did you have any favorite moment from the show? What would you have liked to have seen tonight? Spill it my hamster-loving readers!

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