DJ Sam Ronson To Blayne Walsh: You're Out!

Poor Blayne Walsh. First he gets kicked off Project Runway, then he gets no love from celebrity DJ Samantha Ronson (aka Lindsay Lohan's gal pal). Spies at the recent H&M launch party in downtown Seattle say Blayne designed a hoodie especially for Sam Ronson, who was deejaying the event, but "she wasn't that interested." In fact, she left it behind.

Maybe she was miffed that Blayne was getting all the attention at the H&M event. The local reality star was a hit on the red carpet, where he modeled bright yellow sunglasses, a tank top and electric-blue hoodie with neon-green trim.

Sam, on the other hand, was "unapproachable and grumpy," according to my sources, and was texting on her cellphone for most of the night.