LA Cops Get Wrist-Slapping for Jamie-Lynn Spears Decoy

Remember how, when Jamie-Lynn Spears visited LA last week with her baby in tow, the uniformed cops actually escorted a FAKE Jamie-Lynn out the door to distract the paps while JLS herself was escorted directly off the tarmac from a Delta flight?

Apparently the higher-ups were not super-psyched that the LAX cops got to have so much fun.

"It is not the policy or practice for Airport Police to provide a celebrity decoy," LAX spokesman Albert Rodriguez says. "Airport Police has opened an internal investigation of the incident and will take appropriate administrative action if warranted. Los Angeles World Airports policy prohibits special courtesies to be provided to celebrities, unless extenuating circumstances such threat of danger to the individual or the safety of the general public are involved."

A police source says that the decision was made to protect the safety of the baby. "It would never ever have happened if she didn't have the baby," says the source.

What do you guys think?

Did the LAX cops make the right call?

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