Big Brother 10: Four Against Fourhead

The POV ceremony was held earlier today and Jerry decided not to use it. Actually, April's $4,000 she gave him from her prize winnings in the POV competition kept him from using it. You know Jerry! Anything to help the girls (and his pocketbook) out.

Unfortunately for Jerry, he seems to be on the wrong side of the alliance. He has no clue about the Keesha/Libra/Renny/Dan team and their plans to dump Jessie instead of Memphis. I keep hoping and hoping and hoping that this plan goes through because I'm really selfish. I want to see April's "Dustin" look. It would be nice to see the look on Ollie's face as well. Poor guy, he hooked up with the wrong chick. Maybe he should have gone after Angie instead of Fourhead.

By the way, to all of you who want to rag on me for not liking April too bad. If you like her so much go and create a fan site or something. I'll even send you screen shots from the feeds for the photo gallery section. I don't promise they'll be the most attractive though.

So do you think this offshoot alliance against Fourhead will hold up? What do you think Jerry's reaction will be when he realizes he's been bamboozled? After answering those questions, could you do one more thing for me? Wish me luck in Tropical Storm slash Hurricane Edouard tomorrow. It's supposed to begin moving right over my immediate area tonight but the real hell will come tomorrow for everybody around here. Cross your fingers for us!

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