What2Watch: Flipping Out Ends A Turbulent Season

The strangest workplace comedy out there, Flipping Out, ends it second season tonight (Bravo, 10 PM). I've reached the conclusion that Jeff Lewis subscribes to the maxim that all publicity is good publicity, and thus doesn't much mind that the series portrays him as the boss from hell, if hell was particular about the temperature of its English muffin. The second season has seen Lewis even more on the edge due to the issues with the real estate market, the departure of a couple of employees, and one busted marriage.Tonight, Lewis deals with the fallout of Chris K. deciding to quit, which forces him to look for new staff at a time when he's rushing to finish his latest big job. And while he usually jumps from rehabbed property to rehabbed property without a fixed address, Lewis has sold his current home and now must look for temporary digs for himself, his pets and his housekeeper. You wonder if the experience of having his quirks on display like this will ever prompt Lewis to tone it down a bit. But a third season likely is hanging on him maintaining his current tone.The Secret Life of the American Teenager (ABC Family, 8 PM): They say parents are always the last to know, and Amy sets about proving that tonight when she finally tells her mother that she can start shopping for one of those "World's Best Grandma" t-shirts. At school, where Amy's blessed future event is old news, rumors about her pregnancy reach fever pitch when she misses a day of school.America's Got Talent (NBC, 9 PM): Wait, you mean the "Vegas callbacks" are not merely the stuff of myth and legend, are actually taking place beginning tonight? I'm mystified as to how a show where the auditions go on forever and the talent is so spotty can be this popular. Maybe it's the magnetism of Piers Morgan. Big Brother 10 (CBS, 9 PM): April is making very good use of her private bedroom, in ways that CBS can really only allude to. But I can drop a subtle hint as to what she's up to: she's having sex in there! Tonight, the apparently unkillable Jessie and the guy who goes around calling himself Memphis battle for the Power of Veto.Eureka (Sci Fi, 9 PM): The government bureaucrat sent in to rein in Global continues to hunt for ways to increase profits; strange things begin happening within a supposedly sealed biosphere.I Survived a Japanese Game Show (ABC, 9 PM): The two-hour season finale finds the last four contestants engaging in activities such as persuading strangers to draw mustaches on themselves, and trying to absorb liquid while wearing a sponge suit. Finally, there's a super obstacle course that serves as a season recap.P.O.V.(PBS, 10 PM): An airing of the 1969 special Johnny Cash: The Man, His World, His Music, which among other things featured the Man in Black singing along with Bob Dylan. If you're a good American, you will watch this. Watch it even if you're in Bhutan (and if you are, leave a comment because that would be insane).Smash Lab (Discovery, 10 PM): Another season of blowin' things up real good commences with the crew looking for ways to keep passengers safe if their car runs off a road and down a ravine. Is this actually a major concern if your life isn't a Jean-Claude Van Damme film? Among the elements tested: exterior airbags (that should hold up well if you're rolling down a cliff).The Cleaner (A&E, 10 PM): I always thought that anyone who made a career out of mathematics had to be a little nutty, and this episode shows what happens when a professor is stressed by an impending deadline: he begins using cocaine. Also, William gets some unpleasant news about his onetime sponsor.Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood (Oxygen, 10 PM): Tori and Dean rush to get their new home in order before the new baby arrives, but if pure sitcom fashion, Baby Stella decides not to wait, an event which spurs the couples' friends to help out. Good luck to Stella, who for all I know is already club-hopping with a fake ID.Million Dollar Listing (Bravo, 11 PM): It's been almost two years since the first season of this show ended, but Bravo has decided to bring it back with a somewhat different premise, in that it now follows three very young real estate agents in the Los Angeles area. One of these agents was recently on the cover of Playgirl, which would seem to be a curious way of drumming up business. Buying a home takes trust, and I can't trust you if I've seen you naked.