Big Brother 10: 8/5 Recap

Boy howdy! Big Brother didn't skimp on the fight footage tonight did they? They dedicated two entire segments to it even. Now I surely didn't expect that much attention to be given to the fighting that went on between April and Libra and Keesha and Jessie and Renny and I guess that's it. Oh, I almost forgot Jerry. My bad!

How do you think the fighting came across to somebody that just watches the show? I received a call from a friend of mine after tonight's episode (she only watches the show but asks me about what's going on on the feeds) and she thought all three of the girls (April, Libra, and Keesha) were stupid to behave like that. She didn't think it was good at all that they were doing that. Oh little does she know that it was freaking wonderful!

We knew the POV competition involved trading prizes and what have you but it was nice to finally see exactly how it all went down. Did Memphis miss on purpose or was that just a really bad shot? And what was up with April crying about keeping the money? She said she felt selfish keeping it. I guess that's why she jumped so quick at Jerry's offer to take the POV away from Jessie in exchange for a little cashola. And what about poor Michelle? She was so excited about that Hawaiian vacation only to have it snatched away by Libra at the very end in exchange for Jen and Sheila's red leotard.

She certainly let her anger show in the diary room didn't she? I was laughing my ass off at home watching her throw her tantrums to Big Brother! Turning her back to the camera like that? Can you imagine how the person asking her the questions in the diary room must have felt? Oh to be a fly on the wall and listen to them tell their co-workers about Michelle's behavior. I think she rocks the leotard personally.

What did you think about her calling Libra a bad mother who should have her kids taken away from her for not choosing the letter from home? Libra's such a whore slut skank. That's what Michelle called her anyway. And nice to see Jessie consoling Michelle yet again about this new situation she's in.

Which makes voting in the America's Player challenge such a pickle. I'm kinda torn right now between who to vote for. But I'm going to frustratingly put my 10 votes towards Dan to vote out Jessie. Yeah, Jessie provides a lot of entertainment (and Memphis doesn't at all) but I just don't want that skank bitch Fourhead getting her way. If she does, well then she does. But I won't be happy about it!

Now go vote for who you want Dan to vote to evict. You have until 11:59 PM Pacific time TONIGHT to get your votes in and don't forget you can vote 10 TIMES!

What did you think about the show tonight? Did you feel bad for Jessie consoling Dan about his girlfriend when it wasn't even real? Were you surprised they showed so much of the fighting action? What did you think about Michelle's behavior in the diary room concerning her red leotard? And who did you vote for Dan to vote to evict (say that fast three times)? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Good luck!

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