Big Brother 10: Jerry Wins PoV For The Second Time

Holy mackerel! Jerry negotiated to hold the POV power last week and has now won the POV outright this week. That man must be a machine!

But seriously, he just finished talking with Michelle up in the HOH room about not using the POV but wanting Libra to go home this week. And then he told Keesha in the storage room that she's safe and won't be going anywhere. I don't think it's a good idea to be promising safety to somebody this early in the week Jerry! If you want to guarantee she stays in the house then you should use the POV on her. As long as anybody's on the block, there's always a chance they'll be evicted.

Not quite sure yet what the POV was about but it involved chopping onions. And for some reason, Memphis has to wear an onion necklace for 24 hours. Isn't he the lucky one? Actually, the lucky one is April who won a luxury shopping spree five designer dresses. The others are happy about their upcoming steak and lobster feast tonight. I wonder if we'll get to see that on the feeds and Big Brother After Dark.

So what are your thoughts on these happenings? Are you glad that Jerry won the POV? Do you like that it seems (right now) that Libra will be the first one in the sequester house? And how do you think Memphis looks in his new necklace?


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