Big Brother 10: Reality vs. TV. Thank Goodness For The Live Feeds!

Did you catch Sunday night's show?

While it was accurate for the most part allow me to point out a couple of things that were far from accurate and clue you in on some things you probably won’t be seeing on Tuesday night’s show.

On the show on Sunday you watched as Jessie seemed to struggle - then you saw Jerry whisper to Keesha that he thought Jessie was having difficulties.  Suddenly Jessie is dropping off the ledge and is done.  The reality is that Jessie seemed to wrapping his arms around the bar - something they had been told they could not do, some of the people that were not up anymore (Ollie for one) were whispering into their microphones to the production staff that Jessie was ‘cheating.’  The feeds were then blocked for a few minutes and when they returned Jessie was down.  There was no doubt in the minds of those watching that I was chatting with that Jessie was informed he had been disqualified, however that information was left out of the show.

Now on the upcoming show on Tuesday you will get to see the POV competition.  In it April will win $10,000 and Jerry will win the actual POV.  What you most likely will not see is April promise Jerry $4,0000 as long as he does not use the POV he has won.

The latest development that everyone will most likely see however is the alliance between April, Libra and Keesha failing.  April has been adamant about wanting Jessie to not be voted out this week - even though Libra and Keesha both feel like he is more of a threat than Memphis.  The two believe April is making them targets by forcing them to vote out Jessie - so with Keesha’s lead, they are strongly considering voting Jessie out which should royally mess up April’s game, since she promised Michelle that both she and Jesse would be safe this week.

If things are kept quiet AND “America” tells Dan to vote out Jessie (which is to be expected since America already told him to get Jessie nominated), Jessie, April and Michelle may be quite surprised on Thursday with the first split vote of the season AND the ‘wrong’ person going home as far as the Head of Household is concerned.

Stay tuned!

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