Big Brother 10: Episode 10 Recap

Tonight's nomination show was filled with some fun, some facts, and some falsehoods. First up, the remainder of the HOH endurance competition that began on the live show Thursday.

We all know that it ended with April winning it but we didn't get to see much of the beginning because of all of the interruption by the fishies. Jessie was quite the smack talker up there wasn't he? I have always found that an entertaining approach to endurance challenges because the one talkin' the smack is hardly ever the one who wins it. And it most certainly caught up with Jessie later on didn't it? I was chuckling right along with Jerry tonight when they showed him laughing during Jessie's hard time up on the wall.

What about the blatant misrepresentation of events concerning Jessie's and Renny's fall? Both of them were disqualified during the competition yet it wasn't told to the viewing audience on the show. I'm still a little unsure why Jessie was disqualified (something about the way his arms were placed) but there was no confusion as to why Renny was disqualified. For reference, see here and here. What was the big deal about not showing that tonight? I don't think it would have affected their image in either a positive or negative way so I'm perplexed by that editing decision.

Dan received quite the nice edit tonight didn't he? We saw him in the diary room confessing to throwing the HOH competition. He gave three great motivational speeches to April, Michelle, and Renny while they were up against the wall. Whoever was in charge of the music behind Michelle's and Renny's speeches did a poor job of hiding the fact that they were copying "Eye Of The Tiger." They did do a good job on the music behind April's speech even though it made me gag knowing that she would win.

They were fairly heavy on the Keesha & Memphis story line tonight weren't they? And the Keesha & April story line as well. They're setting us up for what will have to be an entire segment on the plethora of fights that broke out before the POV competition.

The reasons that April gave for nominating Jessie and Memphis were really weak. April's target is supposed to be Memphis yet she nominated him because he won the car? Well, let's go back to the editing thing. Let's hope that she said more than that when she nominated him. Either way, Big Brother is setting her to look like a fool. Especially when Jessie got a pretty damned good edit on the show tonight with all the time they spent showing him doting on Michelle after the HOH competition. By the way, was that done to make America feel guilty for having Dan push to nominate him? Not like it was a real push or anything as those of us who have the feeds and read the spoilers know.

I just hope that on Tuesday's show, besides the fights and POV ceremony, that April's skankiness makes its way into America's living rooms. I'm not saying we need more smut out there but I really don't want that girl getting a good edit in any shape, form, or fashion. Because how they spin the fights between her and Keesha could make April look like the innocent one. And we all know that April is far from innocent!

Lastly, I want to know who in the hell Karen in Ohio is. There must be thousands of women named Karen in Ohio so if you know one and she's a Big Brother fan please point her my way. I'd like to ask her what in the hell she was thinking with that lame ass question. I guess at least it won't hurt Dan's game if he accomplishes this hugging for ten seconds task. And when you think about it, ten seconds is a pretty long time if it's to somebody outside your family or circle of friends. Try it in the morning. Go on up and hug a co-worker for ten seconds and see what their reaction is.

Depending on how well you like or dislike Dan, you could vote many different ways. If you don't want him to cause any suspicion with this task, you could vote for him to hug Renny or Keesha for ten seconds. That wouldn't be too hard for him to do at all. On the other hand, if you want him to squirm a little then vote for him to hug Jessie, Jerry, or even April. That would have some comedic potential. I wonder how many tries he'll get if he doesn't succeed the first time?

So go vote for the hamster you want Dan to hug for at least ten seconds. Don't forget -- you can vote 10 times and you have to do it by 11:59 PM PT TONIGHT! Then come back here and tell me who you voted for and why. Also tell me what you thought about the show and the editing tonight. And can you say water correctly? LOL!

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