Big Brother 10: Mission Accomplished

And I must say that Jessie did a pretty good job continuing to console Dan even after the hug. But what about Dan's smile into the camera as Jessie's hugging him? Hahahahaha!In other news, a new sub-alliance has formed. Not willing to do her bidding anymore, Keesha along with Libra, Renny, and Dan have decided that they will band together and vote Jessie out. So April's plan to get rid of Memphis will fabulously go down the drain. Speaking of Memphis, he knows about the plan to keep him in and has kinda teamed up with Dan on the side.So how many times might the plan change before it's time to vote on Thursday? Who knows. Either way, I like it. If they are successful, can you just imagine the look on April's face? Game on!Got a question? Ask Big Brother Here. Your question may be read on the air on CBS's Housecalls!