Big Brother 10: The Best Big Brother Catfight Ever!

I don't even know where to begin about last night. But let's just start with the steak and lobster feast they had thanks to the competition on Friday.

After spending about an hour in an awkward HOH lockdown, the hamsters were finally able to DINE IN HELL. The table looked so pretty. There were fresh flowers as a centerpiece and everybody had their meal served on a sterling silver covered tray. The wine was flowing quite liberally as they were stuffing their mouths with food as fast as they could. Then they got more wine. And then in their inebriated state, they decided to go around the table and say nice things about everybody else.

They were actually able to make it all the way around the table and it was fairly pleasant and fun to watch. But then Jerry wanted to rebut something somebody said. And then April told Ollie to take his hat off at the table. And then Libra confronted Ollie in the storage room about him calling her a scallywag and a ho. Meanwhile, Michelle and Dan had gone to the bathroom and were talking to each other about normal outside of the house stuff.

While listening to Michelle and Dan, you could hear April and Keesha getting rather heated in their bashing of Libra in the sauna room. Libra then left Ollie in the storage room to go do something or other but wound up outside of the sauna room with her ear to the door. After listening for a few seconds and hearing them talk about her, she knocks on the door and opens it. She says a few words to them about not wanting to interrupt their conversation and then scurries back to the storage room to begin telling Ollie about what she just witnessed.

Libra lets it fly on Keesha to Ollie. She can't believe that Keesha has the nerve to talk to April when all Keesha's been doing is bashing on April all week. Keep in mind that Ollie is stone cold sober. Libra, April, and especially Keesha are three sheets to the wind.

April and Keesha begin to scream and yell at each other at the top of their lungs. Then they share a beer and kinda hug and make up. Then an upset Keesha asks Michelle if they can talk up in the HOH room. Shortly after that, Libra comes up and joins them but leaves after a couple of minutes when she realizes she's not welcome. Then Memphis comes up to the HOH room where some Libra bashing is going on. Then Michelle asks April to come up and join them so that she can tell Keesha what Libra had said about her. You still with me?

So we have a Libra bashfest going on up there with Michelle, Keesha, April, and Memphis. To be fair to Memphis, he's mostly just watching all of this go on in front of him. Then it was time for Michelle to go get Libra and have her come up to the HOH with all of them. That's when the proverbial shit hit the proverbial fan.

Keesha said something about how she's always had Libra's back and that's when Libra lost it. Libra began yelling at Keesha. Keesha was yelling at Libra. Then Michelle said something that caused Libra to start yelling at her. Then April jumped in and before you know it, all four of them were yelling at each other. They were bringing up every stupid thing that had happened so far in the house and airing it all out. Wooo-eeeee!

Then Keesha stormed out of the HOH room crying and pissed and super drunk. Yes, they're all still drinking during all of this. Michelle leaves April and Libra alone up in the HOH room to go talk to Keesha who's running around the house crying and cussing. After trying to comfort Keesha in the hippy room, Michelle goes outside and begins crying and lays down on the couch in the backyard and completely covers herself with pillows to hide. Then she jumped up suddenly and began cussing and throwing the pillows from the couch.

Michelle goes back upstairs while screaming at the top of her lungs, "Fuck you! Fuck you all of you! I'm going to get blamed for all of your fucking decisions!" April and Libra (who are still in the HOH room) hear Michelle going off outside the door. Meanwhile, Keesha has gotten back up out of bed and is crying and ranting in the backyard about everyone and everything. Back upstairs, Michelle is throwing the pillows from that couch all around and then picks them up and takes them over to the corner to lay down and hide/pout again.

When April and Libra finally come out of the HOH room, Michelle jumps up from her little nest she made and goes off on them. April skidaddled away leaving Michelle's full force rant solely on Libra then. The whole situation in the house has really spiraled out of control by this point but it's way too late to stop it. Eventually, Michelle does manage to go off on April who then goes off on Keesha again. Then Michelle and Libra get into it again. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

These women are batshit crazy I tell ya. I'm talkin' Nakomis crazy.

It was a historic catfight in Big Brother history. Happening over three hours, I can't wait to see how many segments they dedicate to this one on the show. The fights they spent two segments covering on Tuesday ain't got nothing on last night's drama.

The men came out of things relatively unscathed last night. Memphis even brought up to Jerry in the backyard at one point about how they should secretly team up because nobody would ever expect that from them. And Jerry seemed open to the idea. Ollie needs to figure out what he's going to do with his woman though. And Dan? He tried the best he could to be his lovable self last night and stay out of the drama.

Even after all of this, Keesha still got reassurances from people (including April and Michelle) that she's safe this week and Libra will be going. What Keesha doesn't know is that Michelle and April have agreed to go after her next week. So don't be surprised when Keesha is nominated next week by just about whoever winds up being the next HOH.

So how late did you stay up watching all of the craziness? I turned in the towel at about 2:00 AM Central time and thankfully didn't really miss much more because Big Brother put them on lockdown outside and more than likely told them to simmer the fuck down or they won't get anymore alkyhol.

Thoughts? LOL!

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