Big Brother 10: 8/10 Epsiode 13 Recap

How great was it to see that fight at the beginning of the show after Jessie had been evicted? We could tell during that live show that the tension was thick as all get out but we sure missed all of the accompanying fighting. Now we'd kinda heard about it on the feeds later but it was nothing compared to what we saw tonight. Even keeping in mind the editing that goes on with the show, it was a fantastic release of emotions.

Jessie did indeed tell Michelle to stick with Memphis and Memphis to stick with Michelle. Dan was instantly blamed for the hinky vote (as we knew he would be). And after Michelle won the HOH competition? Well all kinds of hell broke loose. Jerry, April, and Michelle were all about Dan burning in hell for lying. I know. As if they're perfect angels. Don't know who told them Christians don't lie but they were sadly mistaken. Of course it was more about faith than religion. And I mean faith as in faith to "their crew".

So Dan can't play for himself? Or America? To these ninkampoops in the house who think that religion should rule their morality in a game show I say give it up. I don't know how many times I've had to say this over all these seasons but let's be real. And you know something? It'd be different if it was Jesus in the house playing for half a million dollars but April, Jerry, and Michelle are no Jesus. So they can check their make believe crosses at the door. Or perhaps they can get together and talk about how hot it is in "there" after the show. I can't stand hypocrisy.

The food competition was fun to watch. My favorite girl ever, Jun, was there and I was excited about that. But did anybody tell Mike Boogie that deodorant really isn't that expensive? Couldn't he have borrowed some from Bunky or Janelle or something? I know it was hot but come on. And was I the only one that thought Boogie looked like he had some kind of work done to his face? Not like I'm against it or anything but hey, if you're going to go on a nationally televised program then I can comment on it. So suck it bitches! Gawd, I love that phrase.

Jerry fawning over Janelle was a tad bit unnerving. Even more unnerving was actually hearing Janelle tell him that he was hot. As in attractive. I know she was joking but it still almost made me convulse and vomit. It brought back bad memories from BB6 and BB7. Thank goodness Howie wasn't there. I would have most certainly lost my dinner then.

Anyway, I must admit that if I'd been in the house I would have answered a lot of those news questions wrong. Who would have ever thought Favre would come out of retirement and end up at the Jets? China banning bald and smelly cab drivers for the Olympics? Cheech and Chong reuniting? I definitely would have guessed though that Britney wouldn't be recording a country album. The Paris Hilton news item about George Bush? Well she's a celebrity weirdo so that would have been 50/50.

As far as the nominations go, it was no surprise to any of us who watch the feeds. It was pretty much a given from the moment Michelle won HOH. Even Keesha and Libra knew that. But Big Brother did a good job on the audience tonight. They really milked the Dan possibility for all they could. At least Dan didn't get a bad edit like Jerry and Libra and April did. Memphis came through smelling like roses in case you're keeping up with that sort of thing.

So what did you think about the show tonight? What was your favorite part? Were you surprised at exactly how much fighting went down during Julie's interview with Jessie on the live show and then after the show cut off when Michelle became HOH? And are you salivating as much as I am to see how they spin Tuesday's show?

*evil laugh*

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