Big Brother 10: Libra And Keesha Nominated

No big surprise as to who the nominations are. It was a given that Libra would be on the block and she is. Keesha was the favorite, over Dan, for the second spot. Libra and Keesha? Nominated and nominated.

Renny's all pissed off and Memphis is safe. What about Dan? I'm not so sure on that one.

Libra is Michelle's target this week. And Libra should be an easy out this week unless she wins POV and takes herself off. Then again, we all know how quickly things can change in the house. Is Libra, Keesha, or Dan (the back-up nominee) safe? Heeeeelllllll no!

Regarding today's food slash luxury competition, the hamsters seemed to be excited to see the former hamsters but not in the outcome of the competition. As far as I can tell they're all (except Michelle) on slop until Sunday. I don't know if Memphis used his slop pass or no but I'm leaning to the not. It was a competition that affected (Hi Coleen!) the current hamsters and the days of the week they'd be eating. They did win lobster thanks to Keesha and I believe I heard Michelle talking about steak earlier.

Now let's go through some little tidbits after the food/luxury competition. Somehow and by someone April was told that America loves her. Janelle told the hamsters that she didn't think Jessie was cute. April was really excited to see Chicken George. She loves him but her sister loves him more and CG is her favorite hamster ever. They all now know that the earthquake was real and they know what team Brett Favre is now playing for after his recent "retirement."

Michelle was super excited about seeing her New England boys, Mike Boogie and Matt. Ollie thinks Jen is hotter than Janelle. Chicken George won his first prize ever after two seasons in the house. Nobody clapped for Libra after her turn and Brian (he was the host) had to encourage them to applaud her -- they did but half-heartedly.

Other than all of this, Keesha and Renny believe that Libra's the next one that will be going. Oh they've been playing nice to her face but they're seeing some writing. Perhaps it says, "TWINS ARE FINE - GO TO SEQUESTER MOMMY." So Libra's getting the crap treatment right now and Dan's not much further behind her. And could somebody shut Jerry up? He's still playing this loyal game and saying that they should do what Michelle wants.

I don't like April, but I'm glad she had the balls to tell Jerry earlier today that she's there to play the game for herself and not for Michelle. Jerry is yet another reason why we just can't believe that when these people say that they're really fans. Perhaps Jerry is a fan of the show. But he sure as hell isn't a fan of the feeds.

Right now, Michelle is telling Dan up in the HOH room that she wants him and everybody else in the house to vote based on who they want out. She doesn't want anybody's words or any promises. Yet she's also saying out the side of her mouth that Dan needs to prove himself by actions this week.

What do you think about today's events? Do you think Michelle made the right choices in her nominations? If the nominations stayed the same, who do you think would go? And do you love April as much as she now believes that "America" loves her? Hahahahaha!

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