Big Brother 10: Michelle Is New HoH

I have to just get this out of the way first. Hahahahaha about Libra coming in second place yet again! I don't want to see her get HOH at all this season so every week she loses works just fine for me. Jessie had kinda grown on me and I didn't like seeing him go but if it was bad for April then it was good for me.Dan's days are definitely numbered now. Both sides surely know that he was the one that.... Stop the presses!Right now on the feeds, fight fight fight!!!! Keesha, Libra, April, and Jerry are yelling the crap out of each other. I love it! I've been waiting for these two sides to completely break apart and that time has come. Looking at Memphis right now is hilarious. He's trying to slink as low as he can in one of the green nomination chairs. Whoa, now Libra and Jerry are going after it. Jerry tells her he loves this fighting though as it gets his blood going. Libra's really losing it.Aw hell, now Michelle's getting into it with Libra. How cocky will Michelle be since she's HOH this week? Might she be cockier than Jessie, Keesha, and April? I think so because she's going to have everybody and their mother up there in that HOH room.All I have to say is that I hope they all get alcohol tonight.Does anybody have any thoughts they'd like to share with the class regarding tonight's show? Do you like that Michelle is the new HOH? Do you think Dan will make it through this week? And what about the upcoming surprise competition with one hamster from each of the previous seasons? Is it a POV competition or a different kind of competition? If it's the former hamsters they showed footage of, are you excited about seeing Chicken George and Bunky and Amy and Jun and Jase and Janelle and Mike Boogie and Jen and Matt and Brian (this season) again?Talk to me!Update at 10:30 AM - Check out Jessie's interview on The Early Show with Julie Chen below.

Update at 10:50 AM - And check the official CBS press release regarding today's food/luxury competition that involves hamsters from previous seasons.
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