Celebrities Have Bad Hair Days, Too

What is going on with Mark-Paul Gosselaar's hair?

That Saved by the Bell hottie who went on to co-star as a closely clipped cop on NYPD Blue was sitting up on the stage recently in front of a group of TV critics sporting hair that looked like he just stepped off the stage of "Jesus Christ Superstar."

Gosselaar and producer Steven Bochco were flogging the new TNT legal drama Raising the Bar, which premieres on Sept. 1. Bochco went on the record as not a fan of the hair.

"All the woman around that I pay attention to said they thought it looked great and they thought it was very sexy, " Bochco said, although he still looked at the Gosselaar's mop like it was alive and ready to pounce.

Bochco says the hair isn't a fashion statement, but a "statement of a guy who doesn't have time to go get his hair cut ... this is not a guy who has a closet full of suits and shirts and shoes and ties."

Wait a minute. Have you even looked at the hair? It's the 1980s Heather Locklear feathered look. Nobody gets those without spending some quality time with a blower and a curling iron. And that's after hanging out at the salon for most of the afternoon getting that nice dye job done and the perfect cut.

All just to look like you're a guy who doesn't have time to get a hair cut.

Gosselaar's wacky 'do caps our list of Top 10 Bad Hollywood Hair. Check out nine other stars with distressed tresses:

9. Everyone's talking about Madonna's face, but has anyone checked out that hair? Looks like a bad perm coupled with black root disease. The woman's worth millions, yet she courts every blonde's worst fear: showing the dark stripe down the middle of your dyed head.

8. Back in 2004, Amy Winehouse looked like your basic girl with straight long hair before she went with the beehive from Hades look.

7. You've probably been ogling his abs so intently that you've missed out on Matthew McConaughey's hair. Now, if Gosselaar was really going for the slovenly, longish, don't-have-time-to-cut-my-hair look, then this is the look.

6. OK, if we're going after bad boy (hair), let's not forget Jude Law's hairline. Star, the fount of all great gossip, recently showed pictures of Jude Law before the Dior ad campaign, when the locks were receding like an Arctic glacier, and then after with the re-seeded hair.

5. Saucy bad school girl Britney Spears went from good hair to no hair. At least the purchased hair looks pretty good even when she's hangin' poolside.

4. Heroin chic is out, so it's time to tell former cutie kids Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen -- I think they actually trademarked that ampersand between their names -- that stringy, when-was-the-last-shampoo look is dead.

3. Reese Witherspoon, must you test Jake Gyllenhaal's love by showing up in public with hair that is either plastered against your head or held back by the ugliest headbands in the world?

2. Talk about too much product. Brendan Fraser has been out hawking the new Mummy with a frightful spiky dippity 'do.

1. And finally, we have Cameron Diaz. We're sure she's had some good hair days, although not quite enough. But lately the brush-phobic beauty looks like she's been sporting a brood of rats in that nest.