Big Brother 10: Wake Up Hamsters

Last night (actually early this morning), the wake up calls began. The hamsters were amused at first but quickly grew tired of them. So tired of them that they went to bed and began sleeping through them. I think Big Brother just wasn't playing them loud enough. If you want to check them out, go here.We still have no idea how Dan is going to be voting tonight. One moment it sounds like he's pushing for Memphis to go and then you turn around and it seems like he's pushing for Jessie's exit. I guess it's a good way to cover his ass but I want to know for sure! LOLSome of you out there will be effected by pre-season NFL football tonight and won't be able to view the live show in its regular time slot. Make sure you check your schedules! If you are one of those unfortunate few, come back tonight and join the chat room where you can talk with everybody in there while you follow me live-blogging the show tonight.Who do you think will be leaving the Big Brother house tonight? Who do you want to win the HOH? And in case you missed it, check out the hamsters' appearance below on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson last night. Michelle was milking her unitard for all it was worth wasn't she? Wait a minute, that doesn't sound right but whatever. You know what I mean!

Update at 10:50 AM - We just got a sneak peek at tonight's upcoming HOH competition! Don't get too excited.

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