Paris Hilton Doesn't Need Cue Cards To Spoof Wrinkly White-Haired Dude

Yet another Paris Hilton video is burning up the Internet.

Only this time, she's wearing clothes -- barely, but we'll take what we can get -- and she's addressing, nay, schooling the American people on politics. That's right. Paris Hilton has an energy plan! Who knew?

The video spoof was filmed in response to John McCain's unauthorized use of Paris' image in a recent campaign ad, in which he likens Barack Obama's celebrity to that of Paris and Britney Spears. In the spoof, which was written by the co-founder of Funny or Die, Paris outlines her energy plan and says she is, like, totally ready to lead.

Even more impressive than hearing words like "off-shore drilling" and "tax incentives" come out of Paris Hilton's mouth is the fact that she reportedly memorized her entire monologue.

So why was she so bad on Saturday Night Live?