Big Brother 10: Jerry's A Jerk

The POV ceremony was held earlier and The Colonel must have made an ass out of himself.

I say that because it seems that he basically gave Libra and Keesha both false hope that they each would be saved at certain parts of the meeting (come on, we knew he'd never save Libra). But the thing that made him an even bigger ass than he already is? He turned it into a bash Dan session.

Jerry wanted Dan to feel anxious about going up on the block. Apparently before the ceremony even took place, he told Michelle about his plans to really call Dan out on "all of these things" that Dan has done. In other words, not doing what the previous HOH (April) wanted done. And in more other words, not voting to evict Memphis.

But we know Jerry. He hasn't liked Dan for a long time. Jerry hasn't liked Memphis for even longer. So for Dan to do opposite of what the HOH wanted is close to treason. And saving Memphis in the process is even worse. Combine that with him thinking he is still America's Player and Jerry's complete lack of respect for Dan and his religion? I'm surprised Jerry hasn't gone after Dan's neck with the green plastic kitchen knife.

Because you know, back in the day when he spent four years during the Korean war sitting behind a desk pushing paper, they would have slit the secretary's neck for not typing up a memo correctly. Please don't get me wrong, I have great respect for all veterans of the armed forces past and present but I am sick and tired of Jerry acting like he's some career military man that ever served any amount of time in the field. I'm just calling a spade a spade.

And Jerry's a jerk. Watch -- they'll drag him to the end of this season because most everybody feels they would win against him in the final two. Dan's a Judas my ass! We all know damned good and well that Jerry would have taken up the offer to be America's Player if it had actually been offered to him. He's just bitter. And bitter people get on my nerves. Then being jealous, stubborn, pompous, ignorant, smug, and just plain mean on top of that? Whatever.

Jerry, go jump in a lake. A big lake. Full of piranha. And sharks. And flesh-eating bacteria.

ETA - I corrected a couple of my names up there at the beginning of this post. That's what I get for getting so wound up! LOL!

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